School and Carrier

A DiversTEC surgiu no inicio de XNUMX, em Arraial do Cabo, quando o proprietário Leonardo Arrigoni saiu da antiga escola Adventure Extreme and Adventure Sports.

Na época, fundindo-se com um Project called GAS, in which various forms of diving and extreme sports were performed.

A New School of Diving and Adventure Sports affiliated with the CMAS (World Confederation of Underwater Activities) was born, where the modalities were as much for those who already practiced, as for beginners who wanted to venture in the adrenaline of the sports.

After a year at 2007, DiversTEC became a Dive School and Operator, with its own and fully structured store in Arraial do Cabo, equipped with interactive classroom, equipment washing and drying area, and affiliated to another PDIC (Professional Diving Instructors Corporation) Certification.

In 2008, DiversTEC gains more space in the market and closes an important partnership with Club Med do Brasil, in order to provide Diving services to its customers, launching even more, its name in the market of National and International Diving and one more joining the most recognized and respected Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI).

Today, the School and Operator will be more prominent, but more competitive, the inclusion of the new DiversTEC Base in Ilha Grande - Vila do Abraão, with a Resort Dive Center infrastructure, in partnership with Pousada Tropicana to attend them comfort.

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