Paraíso do Atlântico, as it is called by its inhabitants, Arraial do Cabo gathers some of the most beautiful landscapes of our coast: dunes, restingas, lagoons, beaches and paradisiacal coasts.

All this nature, along with the simple way of its people, its architecture and size of the city of the interior, only 160 Km of Rio de Janeiro, make of this city an invitation to the tourist.

But for divers Arraial reveals a treasure: its seabed.

The beaches of Arraial do Cabo are conducive to sea bathing, fishing and water sports.

The climate is hot and humid with average temperatures of 25 degrees in the summer and between 17 and 23 degrees in winter.

Those who arrive in Arraial do Cabo, even if they do not dive, already realize that the sea is the main tourist attraction of the city.

Our Base is at Nilo Peçanha Street, 24 Shop A at Anjos Beach at 100 meters from the entrance of the Fishermen's Marina, where we encounter the Dive and Ride boats.

The base has a shop; Classroom with white board, TV with DVD, Computer and comforting sofa; Equipment Washing and Drying Area; Bathroom and Kitchen.

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