Open Water Diver

If you've always wanted to know what's beneath the surface, it's time to find out!
Start the journey of a lifetime with the course PADI Open Water Diver. He will change you forever.
In the PADI Open Water Diver course, the PADI instructor presents the basics needed to learn how to practice scuba diving. Classes start in a pool or in a place that offers conditions similar to those of a swimming pool and then move to open water (ocean, lake, quarry, etc.) with the participants acquiring relevant knowledge simultaneously.
Getting PADI Open Water Diver certification is just the beginning.
As a certified diver, fabulous diving destinations, incredible people, incomparable adventures and unusual tranquility are waiting for you. As you continue your adventure and gain experience by participating in higher levels of training, your opportunities increase.
Number of dives: five dives in confined waters and four dives in open water.
• Knowledge development: five sessions.
• Pré-requisitos: Mínimo XNUMX anos de idade para Junior Open Water Diver e XNUMX anos de idade para Open Water Diver. Boa saúde, condições físicas razoáveis e sentir-se à vontade na água.
• Materials Needed: PADI Crew-Pak Open Water, Video or DVD PADI Open Water Records Book.
• Equipment required during the course: mask, fins, snorkel, cylinder, regulator, buoyancy compensator, submersible pressure gauge and protective clothing appropriate to the local environment.
Becoming a diver opens a door to a whole new world.
Open your door and enter this world.

Open Water Diver

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Basic Diver - Open Water Diver


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